January 30, 2019

 I’m feeling a bit late to the party but I have finally converted to the Marie Kondo way. I had a massive clear out of my wardrobe and most importantly have organised it to an inch of its life. (It looks the bomb you guys). Now that January is nearly over and my wardrobe has had a freshen up I thought what better time than to set some fashion resolutions for the rest of the year (and maybe longer). 

So here they are…

  • To follow the buy less wear more mantra. I don’t know how many times when I was clearing out my wardrobe I found things which I had only worn a couple of times because they either didn’t fit very well, the fabric was itchy or even things that needed altering were still sitting there unaltered. 
  • Experiment more with accessories. I love bags and have no problem with them but I also really like belts as they can really change up or give an outfit a new lease of life.           
  • Getting in the habit of wearing more jewellery. I don’t have my ears pieced but I have started  wearing ear cuffs which I am obsessed with! I love the look of stacking rings and necklaces, and I have a bunch, but I always forget to put them on so I need to give myself an extra couple minutes when getting ready in the morning.    
  •  Buying items that I love, fit like a glove or will be a staple in my wardrobe (or handy harries as me and my mum like to call them). Following on from the ‘buy less wear more’ mantra I would rather spend more on one item in my wardrobe that I will love and fits me perfectly than on 3-4 items that are just okay. 
  •  If Hailey Baldwin wears it then you wear it! 
  • Having classic good quality items as the core of my wardrobe. This will make it so easy for my wardrobe to be interchangeable. 
  • Get rid of items that I don’t wear!  I know it's hard to get rid of things that you’ve spent money on but if you know that you'll honestly never wear these items again because they don’t fit or maybe you just don’t feel Carrie Bradshaw fabulous in them, get rid, because they are just clogging up your wardrobe and stopping you from seeing the gems in there.
  • Do not buy anything with the idea that it will fit if I just lose an inch. You don’t need that  pressure
  • Rediscover the items in my wardrobe that I love! I’m starting with my socks!
  • And this is probably the most important… to wear what I want and what makes me feel good.

Now I’m definitely ready for February!

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